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Mr. Ramesh Shah

Ramesh Kumar Shah is a self-made businessman, the founder of the RK Group and co-founder at Harvard Business School Angels of India HBS

From a small set up dealing in wholesale textiles, Ramesh has, with his vision and foresight, expanded RK Group to become a pioneer in retail, distribution, health care, angel funding, and e-commerce.

Background and Education:

Ramesh was born and brought up in Adoni, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, where he completed his initial education and graduated with a BSc (Honors) degree from Vishveshwaraya University. He then moved to Bangalore in 1980 and made his foray into business, with a small wholesale textile set up, in the highly competitive and traditional market of Chickpet, Bangalore.

From 2007 to 2009, attended Harvard Business School where he completed the OPM program.


Through hard work and passion, he turned his company, RK Group (founded in 1980 with a single employee), into a group that today has 175 inspired and dedicated employees.

His Major Business Verticals are:

1. Textile: RK Group

2. E-Commerce: com ValueCart.in

3. Angel Investment: Tempus Capital

Giving Back:

Ramesh participates in 3 major charitable activities:

1. Cancerve – An online donation platform that aims to connect donors and beneficiaries. It helps raise funds and contributions from individuals across India and the world and then disburses these donations directly to the beneficiaries.

2. Kalandari Foundation – To help individuals identify with life in Indian Villages and provide opportunities to researchers and entrepreneurs for experimentation through Kalandari Foundation.

3. Pakistan jain templesTo restore the Jain temples in Pakistan and organise Pilgrimage for the historians to study, document and restore these temples.

Other Interests:

Apart from being an investor, he is an avid traveler, an occasional blogger (https://rkscolumn.wordpress.com/) and he enjoys playing tennis. He is a firm believer and follower of Jainism, from where he derives his spirituality. He has a keen interest in studying religion and learning different languages.


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